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CNC Plasma Table GMC PT-0404/65A

CNC Plasma Table GMC PT-0404/65A


CNC Plasma Table GMC PT-0404/65A Main Features:

CNC Plasma Table with cutting area 4 feet x 4 feet (1.2192 meters x 1.2192 meters). Great for heavy duty tasks, fully assembled and ready to use.

  • CNC Plasma Table comes with one USA-made Hypertherm Powermax plasma source,
  • Factory fully assembled and ready to use,
  • High quality servo motors drive and high precision cutting,
  • Torch height CNC control for automatic height detection allows perfect arc distance at all times,
    and on uneven materials, for a perfect every cut,
  • It comes with standard water tray-water assist cooling (water table),
  • It has heavy welded all steel construction for maximum rigidity,
  • Hardened and precision ground guide ways with heavy duty wipers,
  • Heavy duty industrial grade at maximum capacity of 1/2 inch (127 millimeters) thick (in model PT-0404/105A 1 inch thick) and 4 feet x 4 feet (1.2192 meters x 1.2192 meters) steel sheet,
  • Factory fully assembled and ready to use,
  • Modern CNC control center with compact waterproof control buttons,
  • CNC control with UCAN NEST V10 software with basic shape and jobs library: easy to use programming,
  • Flash card with demo setup and programming video provided,
  • Overload protection and disconnect switch,
  • Industrial cable track and conduit,
  • 30 inch (0.762 meters) table height for operator convenience,
  • ISO 9001 certified,


CNC Plasma Table GMC PT-0404/65A Specifications:

  • Maximum cutting area: 4 feet x 4 feet (1.2192 meters x 1.2192 meters),
  • Maximum cutting thickness 1/2″ (127 millimeters),
  • Table height 30 inches (0.762 meters),
  • Hypertherm Powermax plasma source: 65A,
  • Requied circuit: 220 V, SINGLE PHASE,
  • Water table in standard,
  • Torch height CNC control in standard,
  • CNC control and software: UCAN NEST V10,
  • Servo motor drives,
  • XY servo feeding speed: 39 feet/minute,
  • XY servo rapid feeding speed: 49 feet/minute,
  • Repeatability accuracy: .004″,
  • CNC Plasma Table Dimensions: 83 inch L x 83 inch W x 67 inch H (2.1082 m 2.1082 m x 1.7018 m)
  • Weight approxiately: 2050 lbs (929.86 KG)

CNC Plasma Table Standard equipment:

  • Water table
  • CNC control with UCAN NEST V10 software
  • One Hypertherm Powermax Plasma power source

CNC Plasma Table Optional equipment:

  • Two day on-site training & set-up

Demonstration video:

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