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2016 Everlast PowerMTS 251Si MIG, TIG, Stick, Pulse Multi Process Welder

2016 Everlast PowerMTS 251Si multiprocess Welder

The compact PowerMTS 251Si is one of the fourth generation of digitally controlled multi-process inverter welders from Everlast. Taking our customer’s feedback into consideration from previous models, the all new PowerMTS 251SI is designed to be as versatile as ever with not only standard DC MIG, TIG and Stick welding capability but also with Synergic MIG, Pulse MIG, and Pulse TIG welding modes. This new welder is a leader in the compact multi-process welder class as both pulse MIG and pulse TIG features are not available from any other manufacturer. Additionally, the PowerMTS 251Si offers one more distinctive feature: it allows to the operator to choose from a touchless, high frequency start or a lift start in TIG mode. The stick mode offers more adjustability than ever with the addition of hot start intensity and hot start duration controls. If you are worried that these features may complicate the operation of the welder, then don’t. The unit was designed with ease of operation in mind. There are no complicated menus to navigate, no touch screens to press and no complicated hidden features which are difficult to access. All controls, including burn back are now located on the panel face right where you can get to them and are grouped according to function, with an easy to understand format. All connections are right on the front of the panel. This includes the connection for the TIG torch which includes the gas connection with a gas solenoid control over pre and post flow. Compare that to the competition where you have to make the TIG connection through the side panels or through special non-standard connections with only a manually operated gas valve on the torch for scratch start or lift start, and you can see how far ahead the PowerMTS 251Si really is. Well, it makes sense when you consider Everlast was one of the first to offer a compact fully featured inverter MTS unit in the North American market.

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