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2016 Everlast PowerTIG 185 DV AC / DC TIG Stick Welder

Everlast Power TIG 185 welder


Easy low amp 5 amp start DC, 20 amp AC. – Compact inverter design makes it one of the lightest and smallest AC/DC IGBT based inverter welders in its class. (Compare to Miller Diversion series.) – Now with STICK function – Simple, yet fully functional controls allow any user to make high quality welds. – Smooth stable arc in DC or AC with excellent wet in. – Automatic pre-flow greatly simplify setup and operation. 0Manual Pre flow , up to 10 seconds – Digital readout for precise control of welding amps in 2T mode. – 2T Function with the torch switch or the optional Foot pedal gives operator choices in out of position welding situations. – DINSE 25/50 style connectors allow easy adaptation of aftermarket torches and quick setup. -For portable use: Requires a Generator designated as “Clean Power” and capable of a MINIMUM 5000 W of continuous output. May require higher output, for best results.

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