It started when young men liked to build and repair things. He started to buy tools for himself and in some cases he was pretty disappointed about bad prices and quality of tools. Because of that he started to research for tools with adequate and good quality for the price. And he came to the conclusion: Sometimes is better to pay more and get better quality tool than get cheap crappy tool which is not accurate and you can’t make a quality cut or joint and things you build or repair also formed crappy, but sometimes you can get a good tool which is surprisingly cheap.

This site started because people sometimes are busy and they have no time to research internet for themselves. This site is dedicated to help you find good welding tools. If this site is visited we hope is a little bit more chance to people get better quality products with lower prices.

This site is based on research on the internet for good quality tools which each post author is likely to want buy for himself, if needed. That not guarantee this site not contain some crappy products, but most of the time users all over the internet these tools are ranked with high score reviews. You need to decide yourself buy something or not. Some posts are written by different authors, to save time.

This site earns money by advertising. That means we receive little advertising fees when someone clicks to advertisement or buy something from affiliate links in this site. We not ship anything by ourselves and we have not tools in stock. For more information please read disclaimer. We will update this page if we start doing something else.

We hope You find good welding tools!!!

Best welding tools for your money: TIG, MIG, ARC welders, plasma cutters, multi-process welders, plasma cutter welder combos, best performance and great looking welding helmets, welding apparel, metal band saws, pipe welding equipment, jack stands and more metalworking tools...

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