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AHP Mig Welder ALPHA MIG 200 review


AHP Alpha Mig 200 review by Alec D from YouTube:


He shows you what you can find in the ALPHA MIG 200 box. Also mentioned technical specifications. It’s seem there is no other review on internet yet about this 2016 AHP welder. He shows us technical parameters table.

AHP Alpha Mig 200 technical specifications:

Model: ALPHAMIG200,

Power Vol (V): 1 Phase, 220V, 15%,

Frequency: 50/60 Hz,

Rated input current: 37.4 A,

Output current: 30 – 200 A,

Output Vol: 15.5 – 24 A,

Duty cycle: 60%,

Power factor: 0.73,

Effiecienty: 80%,

Wire machine: compact,

Wire speed: 2.5 – 13 m/min,

Postflow (S): 1,

Wire diameter: 0.6/0.8 mm,

Housing shielding grade: IP21,

Insulation grade: F,

suitable thickness (mm): 0.8 above,

Weight: 25 KG (approximately 55.1 pounds),

Dimension (mm): 670 x 340 x 470.


Front view:

ALPHA MIG 200a overview front


Wire feed mechanism::

AHP Mig Welder 200 AMP review side



2016 AHP Mig Welder 200AMP MIG 200a accessories

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