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Arksen MIG 130 Welder – Great If You Don’t Have Welding Machine At All



Arksen MIG 130 Welder can be your first welder! It is very popular welder and it’s getting many positive feedback all around the world. It is great for use at home, small auto repair shop or other places.

Arksen MIG 130 Welder is specifically designed to use with selfshielding fluxcored welding wire. That eliminates any needs for gas and regulators like normal MIG welders require. You can get functionality of a MIG welder without the hassle of gas and it’s easy to set up!

ARKSEN MIG 130 welder welding machine

Arksen MIG 130 Welder Great Feaures:

  1. variable speed wire control,
  2. thermal overload protection,
  3. easy to use,
  4. built in cooling fan,
  5. builtin on/off safety control in torch,
  6. CE Listed.


Great Arksen MIG 130 Welder Features

Main Arksen MIG 130 Welder Specifications:

  1. voltage: 115 V/60 Hz single phase, maximum open voltage: 37 V,
  2. duty cycle: 10 % at 105 AMP/35 % at 60 AMP,
  3. welding current: 50-120 AMP single phase,
  4. welding able wires: 0.023 inchTo 0.035 inch steel or stainless steel and 0.030 inch – 0.035 inch aluminum flux cored,
  5. no gas operation.

With MIG 130 Welder you also get: welding wire, welding mask, chipping hammer/wire brush, torch, tip and ground cord.

Finally it’s great welder!

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