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adjustable pipe jack stands for sale - pipe welding tools

These heavy duty pipe jack stands  (Fold-A-Jack) can hold up to 1.135 kg (2.500 pounds) capacity and can be very useful for pipe welding. Pipe support stands have durable 2.54 cm (1 inch) square tube base construction and 38 mm (1.5″) Acme fine adjustment thread. These adjustable pipe support stands can be regulated from 72.12 cm (28 inch) height up to 124.46 cm (49 inch) height. They can hold pipes in size: 3.175 mm (1/8 inch) up to 600 mm (24 inch) in diameter. Pipe welding stands stands are easy to use. Stands can be used for heavy pipe, shape, round or solid welding.


Folding Pipe Jack Stands

folding pipe jack stands SumnerThese Sumner pipe jack stands can be easy folded up and they takes up little storage space. It is easy to transport, because pipe jacks have carrying handle.

Extra features: Galvanized inside tube can resist corrosion. With quick action lock washer height positioning can be very fast and large adjustment screw can be easy turned with gloves on hands. Patented fall guard permit 2.5 cm (1 inch) safety zone around lock washer and  tripod have rounded foot pads (with no sharp edges).

Sumner is one of leading jack stand manufacturers. They have big choice of stand heads, rollers and wheels: Vee-head, bar stock head,roller head,  stainless steel rollers, stainless steel vee-head, ball transfer head, rubber wheels and more. They also produce many different welding clamps for pipe welding, manual lifts for easy pipe displace and more. In market You can find different separate parts if someone breaks. Manufacturer homepage – Sumner.


This video below shows example how You can use Sumner jack stands for pipe welding purposes (this video shows additional tools which must be purchased separately):


pipe jack stands

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