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CNC Plasma Cutting Table Baileigh PT-22

CNC Plasma Cutting Table Baileigh PT-22 CNC


Great CNC plasma cutting table with cutting area up to 2 feet x 2 feet (610 mm x 610 mm). It is fully assembled and you can start cutting metal straightway. Is not needed to spend much time to building, assembling and hoping to have the  correct alignments. It comes with water bath in standard. PT-22 CNC plasma cutting table has  the material cross supports pre cut. This CNC Plasma Cutting Table itself only needs 110 V household power and it will work at almost anywhere. The plasma cutting machine comes in standard with a hand held pendant with jog controls (for the X and Y axis as well as program start and stop controls). Machine is easy to use, it is reliable and adjustable and has quality software which is compatible with any modern computer. It uses the Ucancam Software and tutorials on you can find here. The PT-22 plasma table is perfect for anyone getting into plasma cutting.

Baileigh PT-22  haves two different types of torch holders (torch you need to get separately):
1. for an automated style system
2. for hand held torch (is configurable to almost any hand held torch on the market)

PT-22 CNC plasma cutting table comes in standard with an easy usable design software package. You can design or plot out a job on any computer at home or office and then load the plasma table with USB flash drive.


CNC Plasma Cutting Table Main Features:

  • Cutting area 2 ft x 2 ft(610 x 610 mm)
  • Fully assembled welded main frame
  • Water Bath with ball valve at drain
  • High quality stepper motors with lead screw drive (single motor drive on X axis, 2 motor drives on Y axis)
  • Industrial cable track on “X” axis
  • Easy to use programming software, accepts DXF files
  • Powers from standard household 110 V circuit
  • Manually adjustable torch height.
  • Latched hinged access doors
  • 5 inch casters (two stationary and two swivel with brake)
  • Flat bar grates to support material
  • Enclosure (to house motor controllers and electronics)
  • Measures: 31-inches length by 29-inches width. 3/4-inches mild steel table load capacity (it depends on plasma system chosen)
  • Weight: 500 pounds


See Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Table in Action:


CVT Adapter Plate cut out on Baileigh Industrial PT-22 CNC Plasma Table:

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