Cool Welding Helmets

15 [Cool Welding Helmets] – For Different Budgets

Want a new cool welding helmet? There are:
5 cheap cool looking welding helmets,
5 mid range badass welding helmets,
5 best and most expensive welding helmets.

5 Cool welding helmets FOR CHEAP:

1. Cheap cool welding helmet – Instapark ADF Series GX-350S

cool welding helmet - Instapark ADF Series GX-350S cheap


This cool looking welding helmet Instapark ADF GX-350S is really cheap an affordable. It is powered by built in solar cell. Helmet is suitable for most  MIG, TIG and stick welding applications.

It is equipped with dual arc sensor which activates auto darkening filter. It switches from light to dark automatically in 1/15000s when arc is activated. This auto darkening function highly reduces need flipping the mask up and down between torch flashes. ADF GX-350S helmet increase productivity and reduce the stop and start time needed with passive lens welding masks. Also reduced in need to grind and rework, because of added torch placement accuracy. This cool welding helmet saves time, money and effort. It has a adjustable dark shade (9-13) and resting shade (4). Mask is made of lightweight composite materials. Filter is equipped with wide viewing area of 3.5 inch by 1.375 inch giving a full view of welding area and complete UV and IR protection.

General specifications:
9-13 variable shade setting,
1/15000s switch time from light to dark,
3 1/2 ” x 1 3/8 “viewing Area,
2 arc sensors,
optical class:1/1/1/2
0.1~0.45s  automatic switch time from  dark to light,
DIN4 Light Shade,
external variable shade control,
automatic power on and off,
automatic sensitivity control,
grinding function,
DIN 16 UV and IR protection,
power supplied by solar cell.

2. Cheap cool looking auto darkening welding helmet – Flexzion

Cool looking welding helmet - Flexzion Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Solar Powered


Great cool looking welders helmet, it becomes dark in the moment when you start to weld. This welding helmet is suitable for all types of the electric welding (gas shielded welding, arc welding, etc. Except – laser welding).

General specifications:
Adjustable dark states from 9 to 13,
DIN 4 light states,
response time from bright to dark is <1/30000 seconds in normal working temperature,
response time from dark to bright is adjustable: 0,15s-0,8s,
viewing area is 93x43mm,
cartridge size is 6x48x96mm,
UltraViolet protection is 16 levels,
operates from lithium battery and high performance solar cell,
weights approximately 1 lbs,
polypropylene (PP) material,
work temperature: from 23f to 131f (from -5c to 55c),
storage temperatures: from -4f to 158f (from -20c to 70c),
high definition protective filter.

3. Cheap cool welding helmet – Antra AH6-260-001X for Arc Tig Mig Plasma

antra welding helmet for cheap carbon looks


Great Antra welding helmet for arc welding or cutting. Compatible with TIG, MIG, MAG, SMAW and PLASMA arc. If event of electric failure happens, then welder remains protected against ultraviolet and infrared radiation because shade 16. Very light (435g). Require simple assembly (less than 1 minute).

General specifications:
automatic power ON/OFF
Large view size 3.86″ x 1.78″,
4 sensors,
cheater lens or magnifying lens compatible design,
stepless knob (delay and sensitivity),
variable shade 4/5-9/9-13,
comfortable design,
UV and IR protection (permanent  DIN16 shade),
shade DIN4 light State,
shade DIN 5-9/9-13 dark state,
light to dark switching time: 0.00004 seconds,
delay time (dark to light) 0.1-1.0 sec (with stepless  adjustable knob),
made of high impact polyimide nylon material,
weight: 435g.

4. Cheap cool welding mask – Solar Powered Welding Helmet With Grinding Function by PROLINE

Ironman cool looking welding helmet - badass


Great looking cheap and awesome welding mask with good features automatic and fast reaction and recovery time. Comfortable design.

General specifications:
UV/IR protection (up to shade DIN 16),
selectable grind function,
CE and ANSI Z87 standard.

5. Cheap cool looking welding helmet – NEIKO 53932A (red skeleton design)

Cheap cool looking welding helmet - Neiko 53932A with Red Skeleton Design


Solar power autodarkening cool welding mask. Great for MIG and TIG. Light and comfortable design – fully adjustable. Reduces fatigue.

General specifications:
2 independent ARC sensors,
darkening reaction: 1/25000 s,
shades 9 to 13,
UltraViolet and InfraRed protection,
solar assisted battery,
temperature of work: from 23 F to 130 F (from -5C to 55 C),
replaceable cover lens,
replaceable lithium battery.

5 Cool welding helmets – MID RANGE:

1. Cool Mid Range Welding Helmet – Miller Electric, Shade 3 and 8-12

badass miller electric cool looking welding helmet - 8-12, Black


Great cool welding helmet for the hobbyist from Miller Electric.

General specifications:
Material: Nylon
Features: 1/10, 000 sec. Lens Speed,
Sensitivity and Delay Control 0.10 to 1.0 sec.,
TIG Rating 20A,
Auto-On/Auto-Off Power Control
Includes: (2) AAA Batteries,
Magnifying Lens Holder,
(5) Outside and (2) Inside Cover Lenses Grind
Shade: 3, 8-12
Plate Width: 3-3/4″
Viewing Area: 5-1/5 sq. in.
TIG AMP Rating: 20A
Plate Height: 1-2/5″
Battery Life: 2000 hr.
Standards: ANSI Z87.1+2010, CSA
Power Source: Battery and Solar Series: Classic Battery Type: AAA
Number of Arc Sensors: 2
Country of Origin (subject to change): South Korea

2.  Cool Mid Range Welding Helmet – 3M Speedglas Black Welding Helmet, Model 07-0012-31BL

Stylish 3M Speedglass Cool Welding Helmet


This 3M Speedglas welding helmet is good for most MIG, TIG and STICK welding applications. You can select dark shades from 8 to 12 and. Viewing area is 6,05 square inch. Helmet has 3 user selectable sensitivity levels. It has shade 3 light state. Helmet has 2 sensors. TIG greater than 10A.

General specifications:

ADF size approximately 5,25 – 6,00,
Can be used for grinding,
Sensitivity: 3 levels ( and MIG/MAG, Stick). 3.66-inches width by 1.73-inches height viewing area.

3. Cool Mid Range Welding Helmet – Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto Darkening Cool Welding Helmet

Hobart mid range cool welding helmet stylish looking


Hobart Impact Series Cool Welding Mask provides large viewing area lens. It has 3 ARC sensors for arc detection. Welding mask has grind mode. Shade settings 8 – 13 provide welder with great flexibility in low light conditions on MIG, TIG and STICK welding applications. Hobart Impact Series provides full featured performance, value, durability and style. Usually comes with comfortable ratchet headgear, extra protective lenses and owners manual.

General specifications:

Variable shade (8 to 13 and light state 3),
3,81 inch X 1,85 inch (7,05 square inch) view area,
1 / 25000 s reaction time,
Grind mode / shut off,
infinite adjustable sensitivity for varying ambient light,
delay control (0,1 to 1,0 seconds),
auto on / off,
3 ARC sensors,
works with one CR2450 lithium battery,
weight: 20.3 oz.

4. Cool Welding Helmet – Mid Range – Save Phace 3011704 Warpig 40-Vizl4 Series

Save Phace 3011704 Warpig 40-Vizl4 Series COOL Welding Helmet Mask


This is really cool welding helmet with awesome graphics. Save Phace helmet have great airflow. Mask includes bonus: 2  flex fit front pocket lenses.  ADF filter comes with 24 month warranty.

General specifications:
Shades: 9-13,
light state shade 4,
2 sensors,
large viewing area (over 40 sq inch),
ADF integrated into a 180 Degree welding lens,
fully automatic,
delay controls,
grind mode,
fast protective lens change system,
cheater lens compatible,
flash indicator and low battery warning,
made of high heat nylon material,
weight: ~23 oz.

5. Cool Mid Range Welding Helmet – Forney 55711 Master Series Edge

great looking badass welding hood - Fourney

Forney 55711 Master Series Edge welding hood are the optimal for professional welders. It is highly functional, versatile and comfortable welding helmet. Helmet is designed for performance driven professionals. Therae also available other different designs.

General Specifications:

9,144 square inch view area,
DIN 5-8 and 9-13 variable shade select,
4 acr sensors,
1 / 20.000 per second switching speed,
1 / 1 / 1 / 1 / optical clarity rating,
minimum – maximum delay control adjustment,
low to high sensitivity control adjustment,
rated 5 AMP Low TIG,
works with 2 each 2450 replaceable 3V lithium batteries,
low battery indicator and automatic on / off,
high impact and fire resistant nylon,
weight: 18,51 oz.



5 Cool welding helmets – HIGH END:

1. High end cool welding helmet – Miller Elecrtic, Digital Elite series

Digital Elite Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Blue


This cool professional welding helmet have is from: digital elite series. It have nylon construction and improved digital controls for easily settings adjustment.

General specifications:
shade: 3/ 5 to 8 / 8 to 13,
viewing area: 9 square inch,
plate dimensions – height: 2-2/5 inches, width: 3-4/5 inches,
additional adjustability settings for better fitting and comfortability,
nylon material,
magnifying lens holder,
5 outside and 2 inside cover lenses,
helmet bag.

2. High end cool welding helmet – Jackson Safety BH3, WH70, Balder Technology

Balder Technology welding helmet


This is really cool welding helmet. It is designed for professionals who always weld. This welding helmet is at top of the class. It has Balder Technology. High welding hood performance. ADF filter earned the best in class optical classification. Helmet has the best EN379 ratings (1/1/1/1) for optical clarity and you know you’re get one of the best cool welding hoods. Great for serious welders and dedicated weekend warriors. This mask helps you get the job done right!

General specifications:
variable shade 9 to 13,
superior angle of view,
enhanced visibility and color recognition,
delay and sensitivity adjustments,
meets ANSI Z87.1 standard,
meets High Impact 2010 standard,
DIN Plus certified,
CE certified,
compatible with hard hats and magnification filters and  (can get separately).

3. High end cool welding helmet – 3M Speedglas 9100V – Shades 5/8-13, model 06-0100-10SW awesome welding helmet

great welding helmet 3m


This cool top class welding helmet optical quality gives welder a precise view of the work area. Ergonomic design head suspension offer great working comfort. Side windows with dark shade (5) filters  increase peripheral field of view. This cool welding helmet provides great protection from UV radiation, IR radiation, sparks and spatter. Designed for professional welders. Any shade can be locked in (example: you can lock in the light state shade 3 for grinding). It have “Tack Welding Comfort Mode” that helps reducing eye strain. Great for most MIG, TIG and STICK welding applications.  Exhaust vents direct exhaled air out of helmet and helps reduce heat,  fogging and humidity of welding filter.

For more than a century, 3M company has applied innovations and technologies to help improve our customers lives and support their business goals. Today 3M company serves industrial and commercial customers in nearly 200 countries. 3M also makes other personal safety products like respirators, environmental safety products, hearing protection products, air monitoring devices, and comprehensive training programs.

General specifications:

Dark shades 5, 8-13,
transition from light to dark shade in approx .1 milliseconds (1/10,000 of a second), switching time is verified at temperatures greater than 23 degrees C (73 degrees F),
returns to light shade 3 approximately in 40-250 milliseconds delay,
viewing area: 45 mm x 93 mm (1.8 inch x 3.7 inch),
protection from ultraviolet UV and IR radiation,
any shade can be locked in,
can be used for most MIG, TIG and STICK welding applications,
fits head sizes 50 to 64 cm (6.25 to 8 inch) approx,
battery life is approx 2,800 hours.

4. High end cool welding hood – Hobart 770753 Pro With Variable Auto-Darkening

Hobart 770753 Pro Great Variable Auto Darkening Helmet


Hobart pro series are really cool welding helmets. This is premium helmet. It is ideal for welding and grinding. It is meant for all MIG, stick and low amperage TIG welding applications. This cool welding helmet have a many professional performance features. you can count on for any job. Provides 8 to 13 variable shades and adjustable delay and sensitivity controls. It provides ultra comfort. It is durable and lightweight. This welding helmet is meant for serious welders. PRO Series auto darkening helmets line is designed with latest LCD lens technologies for best in class eye protection.

General specifications:
shade 8 to 13,
light state: 3,
reaction time: 1/30,000 s,
delay control 0.1 to 1.0 seconds,
4 ARC sensors,
automatic on and off
viewing area: 3.82 inches x 2.36 inches (9.02 square inches),
infinite adjustment sensitivity control,
grinding mode,
UV / IR coated lens,
2 replaceable CR 2450 batteries,
low battery indicator,
material: durable polyamide,
ANSI Z87.1-2010, CSA/CD standards,

5. High end cool welding helmet – Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Mojo Welding Helmet – K3101-2 Model

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Mojo Welding Helmet side


The VIKING 3350 is top of the line helmet series from Lincoln Electric. Helmet provides best optical clarity and largest viewing area in its class. 3350 series cool  and awesome welding helmets offer improved headgear design for great comfort and fit. Designed for the welders who refuses to compromise.

General specifications:
shades 6 – 13,
4 sensors,
variable shade control,
light to dark switch time 1/25000 s  (0.00004 s),
dark to light control: from 0.1 s to 1.0 s ,
perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating – EN 379,
viewing window size: 95 x 85 mm  (3.74 x 3.34 inches),
replaceable lenses and lithium battery,
operating temperatures: -10 to 55 degrees C (14 to 131 degrees F),
storage temperatures -20 to 70 degrees C (-4 to 158 degrees F),
ANSI  Z87.1-2003/CSA Z94.3 standards,
weight: 595 g (21 oz).

Final thoughts:

At the end we can mention – if you buy a $50 welding helmet, you likely get a $50 welding helmet. If you buy $150 welding helmet, you likely get $150 welding helmet. And if you spend $300 for welding helmet, you likely get a  $300 cool welding helmet. Cheaper ones maybe is for people who welds rarely, but if you are professional welder who welds every day better get more expensive quality welding helmet.

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