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How To Cut Small Stainless Steel Tubing? 2 tools by RIDGID



These 2 useful tools from RIDGID cuts stainless steel pipes comes with different sizes, wall thicknesses, diameter  sizes and types. If you work with pipes what are small in diameter, you may need a tool that can easy cut them.

The first one is RIDGID 35s Stainless Steel Tubing Cutter.

It cuts pipes 6-35 mm in diameter.

Ridgid 35s 29963 Stainless Steel Pipe Cutter


The second one is RIDGID 65s stainless steel pipe cutter.

Ridgid 31803 65s tainless steel Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter

It cuts from 6-65 mm tubes in diameter and it has quick opening function. Because of this quick-acting opening mechanism you can rapidly adjust to different size pipes.  Traditional rollers is replaced with six individual bearings on a hardened pin. These bearings create a smoother cut, and allows to increase cutting speed. Knob fits comfortably in your hand when you rotate cutter around the tube or adjusting.

RIDGID is trusted brand that makes good and reliable tools. This company is recognized by many professionals. They products are easy to use and include innovative features to get jobs done as quickly as possible.



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