Cheap Welding Helmets under 50$

E Support Pro Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Arc Tig Mig Mask Grinding Welder Mask


AutoDarkening welding Helmets are designed to protect the eyes
Suitable for high welding operation temperature
Power on/off:Fully Automatic
Filter cassette size:110X90X8.2mm
View window size:92X42mm

1.Auto-Darkening welding Helmets are designed to protect the eyes and faces from spark, spatter, and harmful radiation under normal welding conditions.
2.Lithium Battery Powered with Solar Backup.
3.Ample mask space and very safe structure.
4.Suitable for high welding operation temperature.
5.Welding or Grinding Selection.
6.Outside shade number and sensitivity adjustable can make the operators more convenient while operating.
7.Large view window dimension for observation easily.
8.Right and left hander can select the suitable stile.
9.Auto darkening lens will automatically darkens to it’s selected shade number when the light from welder is detected.

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