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EVERLAST Power Plasma 50S Digital IGBT [plasma cutter]

EVERLAST Power Plasma 50 Digital IGBT plasma cutter


About EVERLAST Power Plasma 50S:

EVERLAST Power Plasma 50 Digital IGBT plasma cutter is great value plasma cutter for 800 dollars or less. If you consider initial costs and long term operating cost, new PowerPlasma 50S is one of the best performing IGBT (Insulated-gate bipolar transistor) plasma cutters on the market. It’s able to normally cut over 1/2 inches, and be able to severe cut almost 1 inch thick steel. EVERLAST Power Plasma 50 offer plenty of capability for the average fab shops or small hobbyists. This Everlast plasma cutter is small and portable. This new generation Everlast plasma cutter has improved Italian designed iPT 60 torch. This torch offers improved consumable life and a broader range of consumables. If you are looking for a good plasma cutter under 1000 dollars in a light industrial capability, then PowerPlasma 50S plasma cutter will not disapoint you. You can also connect CNC torch to this machine.

EVERLAST Power Plasma 50S Cutting capability:

Plasma cutting capacity is affected by several factors, ideal cutting conditions require dry air, new consumables, proper air pressure etc. Quality of cut depends upon consumable orifice size, standoff height, and travel speed. Reduce consumable orifice size for best quality cuts on thin metals.

Up to 1/2″ daily use @ 15-20 ipm
Up to 3/4″ clean cut @ 8-12 ipm
Up to 15/16″ severance cut @ 3-5 ipm
Up to 5/16″ operating on 120V
Max. Pierce 3/8″
Minimum practical cut 24-28 gauge with standard cutting tips.

Other specs:

50 Amps of professional cutting power
Redesigned new PowerPlasma 50S model
NEW upgraded IPT-60 torch
Blow-back start technology,
Pilot Arc
110/220v Dual Voltage
CNC port for light gauge CNC use
Adjustable Post Flow timer of up to 60 seconds (extends consumable and torch life)

Units usually comes with starter kit of consumables designed for 40-50 amps cutting range. Minimum cutting gauge is virtually unlimited, but kerf will be too wide if standard cutting tips are used. For best results use a smaller diameter orifice for lighter gauges. Usually includes: 15 ft Italian designed and patented iPT 60 torch, consumable starter kit, water trap (this is not an air dryer), air pressure gauge and work clamp.

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