Metal Band Saws

Hand Held Band Saw

Do you needed it? If you need light weigh portable saw for metal or wood cutting maybe hand held band saw is for you. These portable saws can easy cut pipes, solid rounds,  rectangular tubes, wooden boards, timber pales and other things.

1. Hand Held Band Saw DEWALT DWM120K 

Hand Held Band Saw 1 - dewalt


Hand Held Band Saw have powerful 10 amp motor with variable speeds from 100 to 350 spm. Cutting capacity is up to  5 inches (127 mm) deep and 4-3/4-inch (95 mm) width. It’s universal and can be used to cut rounded or rectangular materials like metal or wood. This portable band saw have LED light indicator, which allow to see in dark conditions. It weight approximately 15 lbs (16,8 kg). Saw have integrated hang hook, which allow to hang the tool without damaging it. This saw is durable and likely will not let you down. Hand Held Band Saw have ergonomic handle and it’s easy to control. In sturdy kit box you can find DWM120K DEWALT Deep-Cut portable band saw, hex wrench and standard blade.

DEWALT also makes other saws you can use for metal cutting like circular saws, jig saws and other good quality tools.


Here is some unboxing and testing video from Yoube:

2. Hand Held Band Saw MILWAUKEE Deep Cut 6232-81

Hand Held Band Saw 2 - milwaukee


The Milwaukee Deep Cut Hand Held Band Saw is quality tool you can use every day. You can fast cut materials up to 5 X 5 inches (127 X 127 mm). It weights only 14.5 lbs (6.58 kg) and you can bring it everywhere. Band saw have 11 amp motor. You can regulate speedup to 420 feet per minute. It also features an LED light to illuminate materials . The body allows better views of the spaces you plan to cut. It have rubber bumpers that prevent material surface damage. Hand held band saw have multigrips that ensure users choose holds that best fit their needs.


This is video review from Youtube:

3. Hand Held Band Saw Makita 2107F Porable

Hand Held Band Saw 3


You can use this hand band saw for cutting in a wide variety of materials. This unit have 6.5 AMP and 710 W motor. It delivers 200-350 ft./min. band speed with variable speed control . Makita hand held band saw is little bit lighter and smaller than other two – it weight only 12.58 lbs (5.7 kg). Round workpiece is 4-3/4” x 4-3/4” (12 cm x 12 cm). Band saw have blade tightening lever for fast and easy blade installation. Handheld bandsaw also have L.E.D. light for lighting cutting area.


This video shows that some people also make stands for these type of saws:


Make sure if you get one of these portable metal cutting band saws, you also order additional blades, because some of saws come with only one or without blades. If you often work places where electricity is not available check out cordless band saws.

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