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Ine Skyline 33 Plasma Cutter From Italy, Small, Portable, and Light Weight

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Ine Skyline 33 Plasma Cutter is an innovative, small and portable plasma cutter.

It doesn’t let down professionals and be simple for beginners and it’s  easy to get good quality cuts.

Maximum cutting thickness on mild steel 15 mm (0.60 inch), but maximum cutting thickness on stainless steel 10 mm (0.40 inch)

It is good for maintenance and structural work.

Plasma cutter is reduced weight – only 6.0 Kg (13.23 lbs) with torch an 4.4 Kg (9.70 lb) without it. Small dimensions: W 4.37 inch (11.1 cm) x D 10.63 inch (27.0 cm) x H 9.68 inch(24.6 cm)

It’s reduced volume and energy intake, increased reliability, performance and cutting features.

This plasma cutting generator gives excellent quality cuts without burring on the reverse (for both: fine and medium thick sheets in stainless steel, soft steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys.)


Ine Skyline 33 Plasma Cutter have protection systems and it’s extremely safe to use. It’s protected integrity in case of overvoltage, overheating and overloads. In the event of overvoltage cutter automatically disconnects from the mains and turns itself off and the problem will be signaled the next time it is turned back on. An automatic restart device allows the continuous cutting of punched plates and grids.

The pilot arc is initiated by starting LIFT – without the use of high frequency. This allows excellent outward absence of electromagnetic interference.

With the innovative intake power control function it’s ideal for using with any sort of generating sets (minimum 3 kVA) exploiting all its available energy. It can be used with almost all motor generators. It uses 1 phase, 50-60 Hz, 230 V~  input. Maximum absorbed power is 3.8 kW. Other specification: Duty cycle at 30% 33 A, Duty cycle at 60% 25 A, Duty cycle at 100% 20 A, Current range 10-33 A, No-load voltage 253 V, Protection class 23 IP.

In the box: INE cutter, carrying case, owner’s manual, earth cable, carrying strap, one torch electrode, two hoods and air flux control for torch. Ine Skyline 33 have three years warranty.

Ine Skyline 33 Plasma Cutter is made in Italy from the finest quality materials and using state of the art technology under highly respected labour conditions. Applicable standards EN 60974. Product Data Sheet and User Guide you can find: www.ine.it

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