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Miller Plasma Cutter Spectrum 375

Miller Plasma Cutter Spectrum 375

Brand Name Miller Electric
Part Number 907529
Number of Items 1
UPC 715959570107
EAN 0715959570107
Import Designation Made in USA
Mount Type plasma-cutting
Power Source Type ac/dc

Rated output: 30A
Duty cycle: 240V – 35%, 120V (20A) – 20%, 120V (15A) – 35%
Cutting capacity: 3/8″ at 18 IPM

Plasma cutter Spectrum 375 X-TREME series has rated output 30A, input voltage: 208/240V 1PH and input (Amps): 240V – 13.6 A, 120V (20A) – 25.6A, 120V (15A) – 18.1A. It includes XT30 torch, heavy-duty work clamp, X-CASE, MVP plugs (5-15P & 6-50P), shoulder strap and extra consumables. It is for metal cutting application.

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