CNC Metal Cutting Machines

Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine SB-1520

portable cnc plasma cutting machine


Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine SB-1520 support two cutting modes: flame and plasma. This CNC metal cutter provides lightweight portability, working stability and high frequency interfere effectively plasma. Cutting has high quality, high effect level and high precision. SB-1520 uses SHINANO (Japan) motor. Because portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine SB-1520 uses high precision magnetic stripe made by bearing steel, it will have higher precision and longer service life. Portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine uses one piece wide and thick aluminium alloy guide rail which can ensure it won’t be out of shape.

Easy to use: Structure and design of this CNC metal cutter is contracted. It adopts humanistic positive man machine conversation and operate easily. Metal cutting CNC machine uses English and Chinese interface can free to convert.
Economical benefits:  When cutting thickness of the steel plate is under 30 mm (1.18 inches), plasma has better advantage. Cutting costs about 1/10 of laser cutting edge and 1/6 of water jet cutting. Less investment, the higher cutting efficiency, lower operating and maintenance cost.


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