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Tig Finger Heat Shield

Tig Finger Heat Shield


You don’t have to sacrifice your fingers for a pretty weld! When welding being comfortable results in the best welds possible. In order to be comfortable you have to protect yourself from heat and get in a steady working position. The TIG finger enables you to rest your hand on a work piece without having to worry about the metal heating up and burning your hand. Step up to the next level of TIG welding and allow yourself to slide smoothly along hot metal and lay down that perfect bead. The Tig Finger has become a welding industry standard, allowing welders all over the world to slide smoothly along hot metal, without sacrificing their fingers. Just slip the TIG Finger over your TIG glove and prop right next to the weld. It’s like having a prop in your pocket! And trust us… You’ll lose it before you wear it out.



Finish that Long Pass without Burning Your Fingers
Pocket Size Durable Design Ideal for any TIG Job
Increases the Lifespan of Your TIG Glove
Great for Hobbyists and Industrial Welders
Handmade in the USA

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