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Welding Jack Stands Instructions


Welding Jack Stands Features:

  1. 2.500Lb (1.135kg) CAPACITY!,
  2. Height: 28 Inch (71.12Cm) minimum and 49 Inch  (124.46Cm) maximum,
  3. rugged 1 Inch (2.5Cm) square steel tube base construction for heavy use and abuse,
  4. commercially produced and tested for excessive load,
  5. quick action lock washer for fast height positioning,
  6. 1 – 1/2 Inch  (38Mm) Acme fine adjustment thread (largest in industry),
  7. strut tension plate for superior lateral support,
  8. patented fall guard feature allows 1 Inch (25mm) safety zone around “lock washer”,
  9. set screw can lock jack head to stand for moving around (for not loosing pieces),
  10. large, comfortable adjustment handle,
  11. set screw (for double margin safety),
  12. it is independently load tested for quality assurance,
  13. changeable legs feature (for easy repair)
  14. backed up by jack stand manufacturing experience (Over 40 years),
  15. CE RATED,

Welding jack stands “Heavy Duty Jack” – great assistants for pipe welding applications.

Welding Jack Stands Sumner

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